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Confessions of a Book Hoarder: Part 1

1. I horde books. It seems obvious, considering the title, but you need to understand what I mean. I didn’t really know this about myself until I bought an e-reader, thinking my love for books would have ample room to grow in the 1,000+ capacity libraries they offered, but when I started buying books I wanted to, for lack of a better word, touch them. I wanted to feel that paper bend and snap as I fingered the next page. I wanted to close the book and slide it onto my bookshelf, looking at its grand place in my entire library. Being denied that satisfaction with my little nook, I haven’t really touched it since.

Note: It’s possible to read that entire paragraph as a long double entendre, and I’m not so sure it isn’t. 

2. I have spent extra money for a book with greater aesthetic appeal. I was in Barnes & Noble the other day, looking for a copy of  Sandburg’s Chicago Poems, and couldn’t bring myself to resist the beautiful cover of one copy (a $5 more expensive copy), when the alternative was a bland and, quite frankly, ugly, even if it was cheaper. I bought that book with the knowledge that when I finished it, I would proudly place it on my shelf, and such an experience should never be ruined by a hideous cover.

3. I have never had a B&N giftcard for more than a week. Never. I think my record was five days before I cracked and went to satisfy that primal literary urge.

to be continued…