I’ve always liked About pages. They’re either so specific that you can assume the writer most definitely wants to be found by strangers on the internet, or so vague and removed that you take them for paranoid, and question why they’re on the internet in the first place. And between these extremes lies a spectrum of thousands of individuals trying their best to transmit their personality or reason for writing in these funny little squiggles we call the written word. Some keep it simple, with basic details of location and interests. Some outright inform you of who they think they are by sharing selected personality details. And then some  manage to write a simple little about page with brilliance,  subtly leading you to an overarching and beautifully hazy conclusion of themselves through a series of carefully coordinated subtextual hints, so well integrated you feel a sort of intimate connection, a friendship with the author born from you looking subconsciously through a window to his soul. Is this about page of the same magical content like the aforementioned? A resounding no. It’ll probably end up as a  hybrid of the first two, with some vain play at spicing up the text with some attempted-introspective comments like, “What if our dreams are reality, and what we think is reality is just a dream?” that are really just recycled cliches that make readers groan and, with as much disdain and literary superiority as possible, close the tab.

So onto it then. If you managed to suffer through the introduction and are here, I’ll do my best to illustrate the purposes I have for writing, what I’m writing, the publishing schedule (that will of course be just  religiously followed) and maybe, if you’re lucky, a glimpse into the deeply complicated, transcendent yet imminent, infinitely amorphous and nebulous enigma that writes these words Spoiler alert: He’s John Porter, born in California, currently lives in Wisconsin (the link if you don’t know where the state that houses the Loon Capital of the World is. You uncultured fool). He enjoys coffee and has a cat named Mouse. Amorphous enigma indeed.

My purpose for writing is difficult to isolate as singular. I suppose it’s because the alternative is not writing, and then how would all of you survive without  the priceless

This is completely unrelated to the page.
This is completely unrelated to the page.

insights my mind turns out? While the answer is definitely, “Just fine,” with a possible addendum of, “‘priceless?’ Yeaaaaah,” write on I will, because, essentially, I enjoy it, and if you don’t enjoy reading it, you’ll only send my self-esteem to dangerously low levels and I’ll probably end up in psychiatric care. Thanks.

But wait, John! you say. What will you be writing on New Age Mocha? And why should I care? Believe it or not, this blog is not about coffee. It isn’t necessarily a blog of specifics either though, so coffee is not entirely banished from the pantheon of potential topics. What it will try to do is reflect my common world outlook, and most subjects discussed are either related to some grand central theme, or at the very least are things I care about. I’ll try to refrain from ranting, but I’m pretty sure I’ll break that rule by the second post. If you need specific topics, they include music, literature, social phenomena, personal beliefs and observations of the world at large, all the while striving not to take the topics or myself to seriously, and writing to a degree that doesn’t make suicide rates double. Most topics could  be considered quasi-alternative, that is, organic coffee will (yes I lied) occasionally make an appearance, often right next to a reflection on Sandburg poems and an article on why alternative music is infinitely superior to the “popular” music. As to why should you care…well you’re human, and that means you’re curious. And if I can get views by playing off of primal human instincts, then by God I’ll play off of primal human instincts.

Why, “New Age Mocha?” If you like, you can think that the reasons reflect deep facets of my personality that have never seen the light of another person’s gaze, but in reality I liked how it sounded and thought, “what the hell.” Keep in mind the term, “New Age” in this case is not being used in the Eastern/Western mysticism and metaphysical belief sense, but rather merely to denote a different hybrid of…something. Just read the blog, you’ll understand.

So that’s New Age Mocha. I hope you enjoy.

– John Porter

P.S. I suppose I’m obligated to point out John Porter is a crafted pseudonym, so enjoy that last wisp of enigma-y stuff that is my true name.

P.S.S. If you were desperately re-reading to find a publishing schedule, you can pretend I’ll post weekly. Say Wednesdays. If you’re concerned about missing posts my advice is to either a) obsessively check the blog every five minutes (recommended) or b) subscribe (also recommended. Hell, do both.)


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